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Contract Manager (Minería)

Publicado el 21/09/2017

Contract Manager

Typical Reporting Line

Local Business Unit Manager (or) Local Product Group Manager (or) Local Project Operations Manager (or) Global Contract Director (depending on size of the unit).

(Reporting lines may vary from Division to Division)

Mission Statement

Lead the provision of contract management services to the Local Business Unit/Product Group or Country, ensuring all contract management activities are executed in accordance with Group/Division/Business Unit directives and instructions including Company procedures and the Contract Management Framework.

Main Accountabilities:

1. Contract portfolio – governance
Ensures the portfolio of contracts in the business follows contract and claim management methodologies in accordance with internal standard procedures

2. Tender preparation and negotiations
Reviews and comments on commercial and technical tender terms and conditions. Develops contract strategy based on Company policies, customer requirements, and the overall execution strategy taking into account risk, pricing, scope, and schedule.

3. Contract execution (from project kick-off to project closure)
Identifies the contract baseline (including terms and conditions, specifications, drawings, estimate, proposal, schedule and other documents incorporated in the contract) and highlights areas of potential risk. Ensures timely and accurate execution of commercial aspects in portfolio of contracts (, claims, variation orders, warranties, provisions, guarantees, etc.)

4. Contract closure
Verifies that both parties to the contract have fulfilled their contractual obligations and there are no responsibilities outstanding. Assesses success of the contract and determines if there are any lessons learned for future contracting. Documents and communicates to all appropriate parties any deficiencies found as part of the closeout process.

5. Contract and claims
Establishes and enforces standard change methodologies in portfolio of contracts to identify changes and quantify the additional time and compensation due to Company per the contract, defines approval requirements and communicates changes to the customer. Enforces and defends Company contractual interests against customer and suppliers during the whole of a project life cycle, including monitoring and assessment of changes and deviations, as well as defending and enforcing claims. In concert with Legal, develops the negotiation strategy and supports negotiations. Supports Legal handling formal dispute resolution, litigation and arbitration. Notifies and liaises with Legal to report major claims and keeps Legal updated of any critical development during project execution.

6. Purchasing
Supports drafting of Purchase Orders, Contracts and Subcontracts and ensures that relevant (sub) contracts contain appropriate contract terms to protect Company interest, including flow-down of main contract terms.

7. Risk Management
Analyzes prime contract terms to highlight areas of potential opportunity and risk, such as ambiguities, omissions and conflicts, as work proceeds. Seeks advice from Legal to draft, negotiate and finalize agreements during the Sales and Project Execution phases. Develops and implements risk mitigation and opportunity plan in concert with Project Manager and/or Sales Manager or FES Manager.

8. Insurance
Ensures contract insurance provisions are adhered to and coordinates with Insurance Risk Management regarding occurrences that may be covered by customer or Company provided insurance.

9. Export controls
Seeks advice from Legal (Export Control) to ensure accurate handling of all export control matters and ensures close review of all contracts and projects with regard to restrictions on exports, considering countries, customers or products involved and the respective laws and Company regulations.

10. People leadership and development
Ensures (with HR Manager support) that the area of responsibili

Número de vacantes 1
Tipo de cargo Gerente/Director de Área
Área Operaciones
Actividad Empresa Minería
Región Empresa I Tarapacá
Ciudad Empresa Collahuasi
Lugar de Trabajo Collahuasi


Estudios mínimos Universitaria
Situación de Estudios Graduado
Carrera : 1. Ingeniería
: 2. Ingeniería de Ejecución
: 3. Ingeniería en Construcción
: 4. Ingeniería Civil Industrial
: 5. Ingeniería de Ejecución Industrial
Experiencia mínima Al menos 5 años
Conocimientos en computación Nivel Usuario Avanzado
Requisitos mínimos - Titulado de Ingeniería con al menos 5 años de experiencia en cargos similares relacionados a minería.

- Disponibilidad para trabajar en sistema de turnos rotativos de 4x3.

- Inglés Avanzado (Excluyente).

- Salud compatible para trabajar sobre 3.000 msnm.

Idiomas Inglés (Hablado:Alto, Escrito:Alto, Traducción:Alto)


Duración Por proyecto
Jornada Por Turnos

Preguntas de la Oferta de Empleo (debes responderlas para poder postular)

- Señale Experiencia en la gran minería y en el cargo (Empresa / Monto del contrato)
- Indique su disponibilidad para trabajar por proyecto
- Disponibilidad para trabajar en sistemas de turnos 4x3
- ndique experiencia trabajando sobre 3.000 msnm
- Señale pretensiones de renta líquida.

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