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Customer Service Representative

Publicado el 12/11/2018

Under direct supervision of the Customer Services Supervisor, the Customer Service Representative is responsible for shipment management, planning and execution, cooperating with all other areas of the company and is committed to improving customer satisfaction.

Número de vacantes 1
Tipo de cargo Representante
Área Servicio al Cliente
Actividad Empresa Logística / Distribución
Región Empresa Metropolitana de Santiago
Ciudad Empresa Santiago
Lugar de Trabajo Lira 353


Estudios mínimos Técnico profesional superior
Situación de Estudios Graduado
Carrera : 1. Técnico en Tránsito y Transporte
Experiencia mínima Igual a 2 años
Conocimientos en computación Nivel Usuario
Requisitos mínimos Fulfill all the position duties, such as:

-All the activities are accomplished in an adequate, timely, quickly and cost effectively way.
-The Client´s needs and expectations are considered and performed by other company’s offices.
-All the applicable regulations and guidelines are applied.

Edit and maintain shipments (exports, imports& distributions) in WorldStar

Perform a route review, specifically regarding to the selection and combination of different kinds of transport: Airplanes - vehicles.

Give instructions to drivers (pick up and deliver of the client shipments, deliver /pick up shipments in the courier company).

Check shipments collected in the office and prepares them for transport.

Monitor shipments during transport and reacts flexibly to any deviation from the plan.

Frequently check over the World Star notes and manage the forewarned shipments.

Check the scheduled departure or arrival times of flights (Post Flight).

Recognize all the important information and makes immediate use of this (All emails Station, rental lists, OPS-Memos, etc)

Work safely with all relevant regulations (ADR/ DGR/IATA) as well as local laws and ordinances.

Use and maintain the available technical tools (WorldStar, OpStar, Biostar, Organice, Flight Monitor).

Keep active communication with local and international stations of World Courier / agents.

Build and maintain relationships with contractors and carriers (airlines, customs brokers, logistics suppliers, etc.)

Meet with the legal framework of the Local Control Entities for handling imported and exported shipments under Courier basis.

Prepare and/or acquisition of all necessary documentation (HWB, MAWB, import or export permit, export customs clearance, certificate of live animals, dangerous goods declaration, etc.)

Check shipping papers according IATA-DGR.

Carry out all customs formalities (import/export)

Inspection and / or acquisition of all necessary formalit
Idiomas Inglés (Hablado:Medio, Escrito:Medio, Traducción:Medio) Español (Hablado:Alto, Escrito:Alto, Traducción:Alto)


Duración 3 meses luego indefinido
Jornada Jornada Completa

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